largest crane

Titan Cranes and Rigging Pty Ltd are proud to announce the delivery and erection of their first Jaso J600-24t Series II tower crane to Australia. This crane supersedes Titans Jaso J600-20t Series I. The J600-24t is the largest electric crane currently operating in Australia and is certainly impressive with its state of the art electronics and physical size.

The J600-24t has a remarkable load chart and at present boasts 4.1T @ 85m as its best radial lift. Its maximum capacity is 48t using a shortened jib and 24t with full jib. This crane can free-stand at an incredible 98m and also uses a semi flat top design. This ensures great stability in operation, structural longevity and a very smooth erection process. It is the best of both worlds.

Titan erected the first of our J600-24t fleet for a prestigious project on a site in Adelaide this year. This project will be using two J600-24t in total and will be completing some very important lifts. The first crane was erected onto 11 towers with a HuH of 68m and top kit with 69m jib configuration in 9 hours!! It went together incredibly well and we look forward to the next erection.

Our next J600-24t is due to be erected in the ACT shortly.

For any enquiries please contact the office.