Project Description


Titan has 2 x J280 Jaso tower cranes on the job for the Hansen Yuncken HIB project in Adelaide. This will be the third Adelaide project Titan have worked on with Hansen Yuncken to supply their tower crane requirments.

The current project involved some heavy precast lefts and the J280’s perform without issue. At the beginning of the project Titan worked with all parties to come up with a solution to minimise the commercial impact, maximise critical works efficiencies and identify safety matters.

The end result so far has been reflected in reduced slab costs and the tallest crane freestanding with only one tie requirement. Titan have included SMIE anti-collision hardware on the tower cranes, this enables ‘motion stop’ controls for zoning out hazards. On this site the hazards include HV electric train power lines, neighbouring sites and onsite tower crane operations.